• 3D Mammography – Breast Tomosynthesis


    Radiology Associates provides comprehensive breast imaging services for the women of the central coast. We are pleased to offer patients breast tomosynthesis (also known as 3D mammography), a breakthrough technology poised to revolutionize how breast cancer is detected today.

    Breast tomosynthesis is an imaging technology that acquires a series of low-dose projection images of the compressed breast at different angles.  The system produces thin slices of the breast, allowing radiologists to step through slices one-millimeter at a time.  Unlike a traditional mammogram, the slices separate objects at different heights in the breast.

    Reviewing breast tissue slice by slice allows the radiologist to view breast tissue in a way never before possible.

    Currently, digital mammography along with a manual breast exam by both the patient and a trained health care provider offer the best available screening method for breast cancer. This strategy has been shown to reduce breast cancer mortality.

    Technology continues to evolve and advanced imaging modalities like MRI are now being used to help evaluate certain breast conditions.

    Exam Prep

    2D and 3D Mammograms – On the day of your exam please DO NOT use deodorant, talcum powder, or perfume above the waist.

    Mammogram with Added Views – Exam can take up to an hour

    Stereotactic Breast Biopsy  – Patient must have a driver

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    Radiology Diagnostic Center – Templeton (805) 434-0829

    Digital Medical Imaging – Santa Maria  (805) 928-3673