• Cancer Therapies


    Cancer Therapies

    We work closely with local oncologists and surgeons in the treatment of cancer. Many malignancies can be treated with transarterial chemotherapy, embolization, radiofrequency ablation, and radioimmunotherapy.
    Bland Embolization: Delivery of particles, glues and/or other space fillers into blood vessels in order to selectively decrease blood flow to cancerous or blood-stealing tumors.

    Radioimmunotherapy imaging and ablation:

    In conjunction with an oncologist, intravascular antibody and image-directed blood cell cancer radioisotope ablation therapies using cancer cell surface antigen-targeted application of radioactive yttrium-90 to selectively kill malignant cells.
    Radioiodine imaging and ablation: Molecular and metabolic image-directed thyroid cancer radioactive isotope ablation therapy.


    Tumor-localized chemotherapy infusion placed within tumor-feeding vessels for maximal toxic effect to cancer masses.

    Percutaneous Ablation:

    Image-guided surgical techniques that use needles placed through the skin to direct chemical, heat or voltage energy to injure a tumor mass.

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