• Consultation Service


    The Radiology Associates of San Luis Obispo are committed to continuously improving radiology services to the people of the Central Coast. As a result, RASLO has opened an Interventional Radiology Clinic where patients can be seen in an office setting prior to an interventional procedure. The interventional radiologist will review the patient’s history, lab work and imaging studies. If further work up is required, it will be arranged at that time. The patient will have an opportunity to fully discuss the procedure and alternative therapies. If the patient and interventional radiologist agree on a course of action, an appointment will be made for the procedure at that time. A copy of the consultation will be sent to the referring physician.

    For a fee, patients are able to have a consultation with a radiologist to receive a diagnostic review of their imaging.

    • $400 / 1 hr
    • $300 / 45 min
    • $200 / 30 min
    • $100 / 15 min


    If you would like to schedule a patient for a consultation with an interventional radiologist, please call the Interventional Radiology Clinic at 805-792-0115.