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    Magnetic Resonance Imaging is one form of imaging used by physicians to obtain clinically useful diagnostic information. Incorporating advanced technology, MRI produces images of anatomy without the use of radiation required with other imaging modalities, such as x-ray or computed tomography.

    MRI combines the physical properties of strong magnetic fields with radio waves to produce computer-generated soft tissue images within any plane of the body.

    This popular imaging technique can be used as a primary diagnostic tool to provide a quick and accurate diagnosis for your physician.

    In some situations, this procedure can reduce the need for further diagnostic procedures or invasive procedures, such as exploratory surgery, that may have associated complications.

    Radiology Associates offers the only true Open MRI system on the Central Coast, in our Santa Maria office, giving you almost 360° visibility and unlimited access to loved ones during your exam for extra comfort. Add that to the high-field technology your doctor needs and you have the ultimate MRI experience.

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