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    Nephrostomy is a term used to describe a passageway maintained by a tube, stent, or catheter that perforates the skin, passes through the body wall and renal parenchyma, and terminates in the renal pelvis or a calyx. The nephrostomy has multiple functions but is used most frequently to provide urinary drainage when the ureter is obstructed and retrograde access is inadvisable or impossible. Nephrostomy has several other functions, including the following:
    •To remove or dissolve renal calculi

    •To obtain direct access to the upper urinary tract for various endourologic procedures

    •To diagnose ureteral obstruction, filling defects, and anomalies via antegrade radiography

    •To deliver chemotherapeutic agents to the renal collecting system

    •To provide prophylaxis after resection for local chwmotherapy in patients with tumors of the renal pelvis

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