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Radiology Associates provides comprehensive breast imaging services for the women of the central coast. Currently, digital mammography along with a manual breast exam by both the patient and a trained health care provider offer the best available screening method for breast cancer. This strategy has been shown to reduce breast cancer mortality. However, breast cancer can be invisible on the mammogram so women must be careful to examine their breasts routinely (monthly) and report any changes immediately to their health care provider. 

In certain instances, your radiologist may need to obtain extra mammographic views or perform an ultrasound of the breast to evaluate a finding on the mammogram. 

Technology continues to evolve and advanced imaging modalities like MRI are now being used to help evaluate certain breast conditions.

Locations of Service

  • Radiology Diagnostic Center - Templeton (805) 434-0829
  • Santa Maria MRI @ Digital Medical Imaging (805) 928-3673



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