Radiology Associates with it’s three outpatient imaging centers offers the most advanced diagnostic imaging available for our patients on the Central Coast of California in both the San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara counties. Our state-of-the-art imaging ensures the most effective disease prevention and the earliest detection of disease at the time when it is most treatable. We provide onsite physicians and board-certified radiologists to manage your imaging exams and interpret the collective results. When your primary care physician or specialist suggests a need for diagnostic imaging, tell them your choice is Radiology Associates. We produce the highest quality of medical imaging for any part of the human anatomy.

Please Note: Please make arrangements for child care on the day of your appointment as you will not be able to bring them with you into your exam.

Select the icon of the procedure you are interested in learning more about.

  • 3D Mammography – Breast Tomosynthesis – breast imaging services for women.

  • Bone Density Screening – The American College of Radiology recommends screening

  • Cardiac Imaging – Radiology Associates of SLO offers a multitude of diagnostic cardiac…

  • Central Venous Access Catheters (CVAC) and Gastrostomy (Feeding) Tubes

  • CT Scan – Computed tomography, uses a thin x-ray beam to take image slices of the body.

  • Fluoroscopy – uses real-time X-ray imaging of internal organs.

  • General Diagnostic Imaging – refers to classic X-rays, sometimes referred to as “plain films”.

  • Hysterosalpingography – is a procedure where contrast is injected into the uterine cavity through…

  • Interventional Radiology – Interventional Radiologists are physicians who are specially trained

  • MRI & Open MRI – Magnetic Resonance Imaging is one form of imaging used by physicians

  • Positron Emission Tomography – also called PET imaging, is a type of nuclear medicine imaging.

  • Ultrasound – uses sound waves to create real-time images with the body.

  • Vascular Access – procedure involves the insertion of a flexible thin plastic tube, or catheter

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